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Happy Mooncake Festival

celebrate great design and taste

“May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together,

even if we are hundreds of miles apart.”

Excerpt from Song dynasty poem written by Su Shi


The Mid-Autumn (or Mooncake) Festival is celebrated across Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. Traditionally to give thanks for crop harvests, it is now about celebrating with friends, family and business associates while the moon is at its fullest and brightest.


One of the most enduring activities of Mooncake Festival is the making and painting of (or at least displaying) colourful lanterns. Our dazzling lantern design features unique patterns and colour combinations on every box to represent the amazing variety of flavours and designs that are now used for contemporary mooncakes.

The rabbit (also known as the Jade Rabbit) that is central to our design, is based on the story of the rabbit who was immortalised for preparing the elixir of life. She was sent to live in the Moon Palace with the goddess Chang’e and is revered for selflessness, piety, and sacrifice.

The Legend of the Mooncake Festival

If you aren’t familiar with this legendary tale, it is based on the myth of 10 suns which were ravaging the Earth with drought.
The Emperor of Heaven requested the great archer Hou Yi to shoot down 9 of the 10 suns and save the Earth.
As a reward he was given the elixir of life, which he was going to share with his wife Chang’e.
While out hunting his apprentice attempted to steal the elixir, so in desperation to stop him Chang’e drank the potion
and ascended to the heavens where she chose the moon as her home.

So, as you prepare to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival, be sure to show affection and gratitude, for the mooncake is not just symbolic of blessings and reunion. It is also the time when the moon’s orbit is at its closest to Earth, so find a place to look up and pay your respect to the legend and the meaning.


mooncake box design: brightness meets calmness
lantern sleeve design
HP Collage: Clouds on the gold background
HP Mosaic: Variations of colours for the lanterns – combinations of bright and soft pastels
Material: Printed on PP Silver and laminated to card
element mooncake
mooncake box design
Each mooncake box represents one of the stages of the moon – look inside and see the clasp to discover which one it is.