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Boxes that delight

What do you do when you can’t graduate in person? You hold a ‘virtual’ graduation right! And that is exactly what every school, college, university and business is doing right now. But if we are honest –  it isn’t the same and people miss out not only on ‘the moment’ but also a way to be able to cherish those memories.

The innovative team at British International School (BIS) worked with QLM’s marketing team to develop personalised materials for their Class of 2021. Katie, Jane and Paolo were determined that their graduating class take away moments to treasure and they delivered it in a very personalised Graduation Treasure Box. The box was filled with items that can be used or kept as mementos of their time with school and the friends they made along the way. Combined with an appropriate hashtag – students shared their ‘unboxing experiences’ with box reveals and Graduation Cap photos – just awesome!

And this is the power of personalisation. It is more than using a name. It is about context and true connection. Personalised Graduation Caps with everyone’s photos, Graduation Photos and hand-written cards reinforce the values and community that they have built with students. In extraordinary times you need to think in extraordinary ways. Come from the right place and the message will resonate long after the delivery. Their messages resonated with a hand-drawn bird of happiness to encourage their students to Fly with joy and happiness to your next adventure.

QLM used its digital printing technology to provide personalised labels and graduation boards within a very tight deadline. The school cleverly combined the physical printing using digital technology with a human touch and messaging to ensure each student received a note that was personal and ‘authentic’ to them. It is when technology and hearts combine that connections are forged and lifelong memories are created. We congratulate BIS on their innovative and heartfelt way of connecting with their departing students and are delighted to produce quality work for projects like this. Read more about their experience here.  

There are many ways to utilise digital technology and the innovative Smartstream Software technology provided by HP Indigo. If you haven’t experienced this yet be sure to check it out.

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