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Yahava KoffeeWorks

yahava tea_feature image

Famous for coffee blends,Yahava has a new range of teas really creating a stir.

12 delicious blends thoughtfully paired with stunning butterflies that possess similar aesthetics & characteristics of each tea.

beautiful organic design on a natural stock to give you that warm and uplifting feeling…enjoy the best brews, and that’s the tea.


yahava tea yahava tea yahava tea
how Yahava got that lustrous ‘organic’ look:
  • specialty stock to match organic style
  • creative use of colours for visual contrast
  • HP Indigo quality print for multiple styles
  • spot gloss varnish highlights beautiful elements
  • delicious and delicate – bold and beautiful

find out more…

address icon address: 4752 W Swan Rd, West Swan WA 6055, Australia
phone icon phone: +61 8 9250 8599
instagram: @yahavakoffee
FB icon facebook: yahava
web icon website: www.yahava.com.au







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