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Make your sales ROAR

Find out how successful brands are using Tiger imagery to generate increased sales and brand recognition with creative and colourful designs for 2022: The Year of the Tiger.


These festivals, rituals and religious commemorations are steeped in tradition, myths and customs. It is easy to create the association of gifting and celebration by incorporating elements, iconography and meanings into your designs. Creative brands do this in different ways and as you will see in our examples – there are lots of innovative and exciting ways to do this to ensure you catch the eye of your intended audience.


Customised seasonal designs or limited editions consistently generate increased sales by:

  1. creating brand awareness (recognition), building an image around your brand or company, and 
  2. making your company and products stand out from others. 


Lisa Congdon for method
 This design pairs strength and harmony.“Tigers are seen as fierce and frightening, so I placed a dove—a symbol of peace—on the tiger’s head”. 


Smart companies use personalisation and customisation in their labels and packaging to set themselves apart from competitors by creating meaningful designs and experiences relevant to their tribe. It also allows creativity for unique & exciting designs that may not otherwise work with their traditional branding.


If you think of packaging as a waste of time and resources, you will often try to avoid using it or leave it as an afterthought. With the new age of deliveries it can be as important as any salesperson and a highly effective way to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

image source: methodhome.com

Labels and packaging are literally the clothes your products wear. They are a combination of form, fashion and function. Packaging combines advertising and brand awareness while simultaneously protecting and informing customers about products.


The experience of opening and touching products can often be more important than the actual product. Google unboxing experiences on YouTube to see how delighted some people are with a range of objects and products. BUT the connection and emotion created through packaging firmly connects consumers with brands and companies that reflect what they feel is important or interesting. Customers will often also share this experience on their social media, increasing your brand’s reach and advertising your products for you.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label – Limited Edition: Year of the Tiger
The visuals depict the Tiger among mountain clouds, ascending towards a modern metropolis: a sign of prosperity and progress, the company says, signifying good fortune for all in the year to come.

 image source: johnniewalker.com

Research consistently shows that consumers will pay more for customised and personalised products (generally 10-20% more for the SAME product in the FMCG area, and significantly more in luxury products). Many of the examples in this article demonstrate that you can add value to an existing product by using customised packaging (especially if they needed a little excitement or variation to create interest). The most important thing is that when you do this, you are giving people a reason to look at or revisit your brand or products. We all love something NEW and different! 


So why don’t companies do it and why aren’t YOU doing it?


Tiger Nuts
Walkers Brand played with typography and tiger stripes for their new snack in the UK: Tiger Nuts. The tiger face pattern cleverly morphs into the face of a tiger and we are nuts for this design!


Some people think it is too hard, too expensive or just a fad. WELL IT ISN’T  and the benefits far outweigh the costs. Digital printing, especially for labels, flexible packaging and soft folded cartons, enables brands to be super responsive and relevant. Short sighted companies only compare Unit costs, but using digital print set-up costs are much lower and print volumes can be matched to suit the expected sales volumes or limited edition quantity. Lead times are also generally much less. You also have the option to include a wider variety of SKUs and options as well as adding variable data and personalisation for that extra connection.

 image source: walkers.co.uk

Executed well, limited editions and customised packaging give brands a way of staying relevant and demonstrating their creativity, passion and story across a wider range of things happening in the world.


And you don’t need to limit yourself to Tigers, seasonal or limited editions can be created for everything from National Coffee Day to your local community celebrations. The big seasonal activities like Christmas and Lunar New Year always get lots of attention and options, so competition is fierce, but other smaller activities are often ignored. Find out what your tribe loves and deliver options that they can connect with to create more sales.


4Life Mineral Water
4Life water uses clean blue lines and beautiful animals swimming to demonstrate how animals (including a Tiger)  interact with water and reflect a respect for habitat and environment.

image source: doichaangcoffee.co.th

Finally, make sure your labels and packaging are functional, fun and fierce.
After all it is 2022: The Year of the Tiger!


Other awesome examples of Tigers in Labels & Packaging

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