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New - 2019 SHIFT019 feature

Lindsay Nutley, Marketing Manager for the QLM Group recently presented at SHIFT019: The Asian Packaging Conference in New Delhi, India. WOW is What Owners Want: brand owners, business owners, you, me and everyone in-between. I shared with the leading Print companies in Asia, techniques to create WOW moments that make people feel better and improve the performance of their business.

I examined the benefit of true ‘engagement’ of marketing services, reinforcing that if YOU have a vision of what YOU want to do, then work out a way to deliver it and find people who can HELP YOU make it happen: people like me: a Marketing Person.

To conclude I reinforced that it is YOU that has the secret to your own business success. You must communicate WHO YOU ARE, what you offer. Don’t rely on marketing to create YOUR
story – that is your job. Use marketing to tell the story well and use all the techniques they have to give sales people a reason to see clients, to make people happy and to drive sales.

Marketing is about catching interest and opening doors. Deliver it in innovative ways and using innovative surfaces and mediums. And most importantly what makes you feel WOW. If you would like a copy of the presentation please contact me.

New - 2019 SHIFT019-02 New - 2019 SHIFT019-03

A great variety of Speakers at the Conference on Day 1 were:

      • Hayato Kashiwagi – Key Account Manager for Asia, DIC
      • Supachai Theravithayangkura – Technical Director – Asia Pacific, Flint Group
      • Umesh Kagade – Segment Manager Labels & Packaging – HP
      • Klaus Nielsen – Xeikon
      • K.Panthala Selvan – Managing Director, Pressman Solutions & Idealliance South Asia
      • Alfred Ulli – Marketing & Sales Director Web Fed Solutions, BOBST MEX SA
      • Tim Klappe – MPS Systems BV, Kodak Flexcel Solutions
      • Giuseppe Sauli – UTECO
      • David Jones – Managing Director, Alphasonics Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
      • Anuj Sahni – GM Sales & Marketing, WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER INDIA


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